advancing sustainability with pragmatic solutions

We help you to identify and address your business’s and your investments’s specific environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks, issues and opportunities.


corporate sustainability

understanding both your impact on your stakeholders and your stakeholders impacts on you

Corporate sustainability solutions that are adapted to clients’ needs and capabilities, focused on reducing costs and risks, by measuring performance, analyzing data and informing decision-makers.


esg integration

helping you understand how environmental, social and corporate governance factors can influence your investments

ESG factors can have an impact on the financial performance of your investments. We can support you to better understand how to properly integrate ESG factors from carbon emissions to human rights considerations across different asset classes, investment processes and policies.



sustainability advice catered to your specific situation

Understanding clients’ and stakeholders’ situations and providing them with pragmatic advice on strategically managing material environmental, social and corporate governance issues, risks and opportunities.


Our Expertise

How can sustainability&risks support your corporate sustainability efforts?

Measure and assess performance

Improving your understanding of your business’s and your investment’s sustainability performance.

ESG reporting

Providing your decision-makers and stakeholders with material and actionable sustainability information.

Stakeholder engagement

Working with your stakeholders to understand the material sustainability issues of your business.

Risk management & due diligence

Identifying and managing critical sustainability and ESG risks before they turn into business and investment issues.

Process development

Putting in place systems and processes to systematically manage ESG/sustainability risks, issues and opportunities.

Cost efficient solutions

Developing sustainability solutions with the potential to increase long-term profits, reduce costs and improve risk management.

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